Palíndromo #3

Palíndromo project aims to disseminate the Rona Publisher portfolio. It's a collaborative project made with a lot of collaborators. Rona is the most traditional printing house in the state. A flexible format was created for editorial with the proposal for an interdisciplinary collaboration for the development of the contents of each issue. We selected papers and distinctive finishes, showing the diversity of graphic services and the wealth of discussion. Palindrome, the name given to the project, comes from Greek and means repetition in the reverse. The theme of the third issue was LANGUAGE and received the palindrome expression "Socorram-me subi num ônibus em Marrocos". The 10 x 14cm format alludes to a pocket notebook. Different notebooks compose the publication. They are about education, design, printing process, fashion, photography, architecture, advertisement, and an editorial about Rona.

Client: Rona Editora
Design: Greco
Year: 2013

IF Design Award 2015 — Gold
Prêmio Minas de Comunicação 2014 — GP
Prêmio Cícero 2014
Red Dot Design Awards 2013
Prêmios Lusos 2013 — Silver

Alexandre Amaro, Jô Vasconcellos, Designlândia, Eduardo de Jesus, Guilherme Araújo, Hugo Werner, LAB Design, Lúcia Nemer, Marcelo Drummond, Marina Cota, Martuse Fornaciari, Rachel Murta, Renata Alencar, Ronaldo Fraga, Wéber Pádua.

Rona Notebook

It is an A to Z glossary of what services a printing company do. Each letter of the alphabet was cut into a drawing of the letter in several layers, representing the work of several hands that happens in the company. The parts come together to complete the letters and elements.

Designer: Leo Rosário
Content: Rachel Murta
Year: 2013