Palindrome #4

There are several ways to approach a subject because there are various ways of thinking and understanding things in the world. In this edition, the theme "space" becomes "space-paper". And there are at least two ways to go in this approach: the role of space as expression, which are recorded ideas, projects, dreams, and feelings through words or images; and the paper of course draws the productive space of graphics, presentation and setting, with its transformation, the use of this space. The first path has the physical space-paper, palpable, with its multiple functions and its various characteristics of colour, texture, weight, and finish. The second way has the role moving, coming in, being processed and leaving a graphical mark, a trace of a route that reveals how it is organized and processes the work developed there. These two paths are presented as an invitation to wander through space and paper space. One can walk with their eyes, their fingertips or with thought - enjoy the ride.



Client: Rona Editora
Design: Greco Design
Year: 2014

Gustavo Greco, Rachel S. Murta, Santana Dardot, Rubens Aguiar, Vivaz, Márcio Carvalho, Evando Neiva, Leo Gomes, Rejane Diniz, Eleonora Santa Rosa, Mach Arquitetos, Dani Pires, Hardy Design, Cláudio Santos Rodrigues, Diogo Droschi, Lunarde Freitas, Bruno Morais.

Prêmio Minas de Comunicação — 2015