Brazilian Delights Embaré — Promotional Packs

Embaré is one of the largest dairy companies and a leader in milk caramels in Brazil. The name, Embaré, means "tasty tree" in the Tupi Guarani language . It's new release is the Brazilian Delights caramels. It includes milk caramels in six brazilian typical fruits flavours : açaí, mango, pitanga, papaya, cupuaçu and graviola. For the creation of packaging the strong sense of the Brazilian tradition in the product and in the origins of its flavours were exploited. This is the promotional package.

Client: Embaré
Design: Greco
Year: 2013

Bid Dimad - Bienal Iberoamericana de Design 2016
Moscow Global Biennale of G.D. Golden Bee 2014
Idea Brasil 2014 — Gold
Prêmio Abre 2014 — Silver
Prêmios Lusos 2014

The Dieline

Brazilian Delights Embaré — Single Flavour Packs

Below you can check out the single flavours packages. They were made to represent the brazilian indians fabric hand bags.